Stories about how customers use the Silk Veils


A hairdresser from a famous hair salon in Manhattan used the veils to make a canopy over his poster bed surrounding himself with soft beautiful colors while he slept. It was his way of reducing all the concrete, grey hard edges of the city. The breezes made the silk softly undulate. He told me it was very soothing.


An acupuncturist uses the veils to cover her patients during treatment with the needles. The silk veils covered the patients without disturbing the needles and kept her patients warm. Her patients loved them. Saying it added a special touch to their healing.


A therapist who worked dementia patients gave her Vets from WW2 silk veils and played them music from the 40s and 50s. The usually sedentary and unreachable vets danced with the veils and came alive as if they were reliving beautiful moments from their past. She told me they became more animated than any other practice and they continue to spend happy times dancing with the silk veils. She says one man in particular danced so beautifully with the veil it brought her to tears.


Many people use it in their yoga or meditation practice complimenting the feelings of relaxation and peace they have as they cover themselves with it or lie under them in shavasana.


Some customers have used the silk veils as curtains in apartments and houses that don't get much sun. With a simple and inexpensive system sold by Ikea using clips and wires the veils are hung easily. They offer privacy but still let light in. One customer said each window pane became like a painting when he used patterned veils to decorate his loft windows.


A teacher working with children suffering from trauma sees children using the silk veils in a way that are very moving. Their softness and color give children a sense of safety, gentleness and a way to cover themselves when their feelings are intense.


A woman in Los Angeles told me she wears them. She makes tops, wraps, headbands, large waistbands, skirts, dresses and turbans. She uses them everyday to make different designs just from wrapping them.


A bride had her wedding on a spring day in a garden setting. She gave her bridesmaids silk veils to use as shawls around their blue bridesmaid dresses. It gave each of them a unique look even though they were wearing identical dresses. She used a white veil with a crown of flowers to cover her wedding gown as she walked up the aisle.


A woman in Florida told me when she went to a very extravagant event in Ft Lauderdale she draped her silk veil around her bare shoulders over her ballroom gown she received many compliments for the silk veil and that it kept her comfortably warm.


A man who works with disabled people bought a bag of discounted veils that I had and gave them to his patients and put on some very upbeat drumming music. He said that usually they tire of the exercises only after a few minutes but he says whenever he brings out the veils they play and dance for over an hour and even the most withdrawn of them become animated dancing with the silk veils, in their own unique moving style.


Many teachers have used the veils for free dance with their children and the children become very creative and alive with the veils. The boys and girls have entirely unique ways of making the veils into tents, monsters, bulls, fairy wings, birds, castles, and all kinds of imaginary things. Many have told me it helps very much with the children’s social and physical skills as well as letting their imaginations develop and grow.


I have often had men tell me how much they love dancing with the veil. One fellow uses it in his ecstatic dance classes and how it helped him be comfortable relating with strangers in a safe and creative environment. One fellow dances with his veil saying it develops his hand – eye - body coordination, and his martial arts practice greatly improved since the veil. A surfer says that he dances with the veil when he can’t surf, and apart from improving his sense of timing it helps him flow better in the waves.


Many people have told me how they travel with the veils and use them as covers on the plane, to keep warm and keep the light out of their eyes. They use it for scarves, sarongs, wraps and warm covers. They love how light it is and how versatile it can be when you are not travelling with many belongings.

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