Breathing for children.

Breathing for children.

 Children are open and growing incredibly fast. Their minds and emotions are absorbing so much of the world around them without prejudice, beliefs and experiences that hold them to judgements. And they are feeling everything that happens around them and grow beautifully when they understand the influences around them are safe and allowing them to explore life in a creative and loving way. Their absorption in their activities is key to their health as they are in the moment and completely present with their activities. This pure concentration gives them a huge amount of energy and enthusiasm for life.

And children are equally prone to stress. It is sometimes unavoidable and for children to understand how to manage their emotional responses is key to showing them how to deal with the ups and downs of life in a healthy way.

Breathing is part of the autonomic system but for thousands of years some cultures have studied breath as a science and have found numerous benefits when breathing is done consciously. Scientists today have also found that meditation and focused breathing synchronizes brain oscillations across the limbic system where the brain regulates emotions and memory. When children are introduced to the power of their breathing to help them relax or recover from stressful feelings, they can easily experience the benefits and make it part of themselves. The earlier they are introduced the easier it is for them to blend it into their lives as a positive tool.

 With meditation breathing is essential in finding a way into the presence of no mind, of the moment and many spiritual teachers emphasize being able to be in the moment creates a greater quality of life. More and more children are being introduced to meditation and breathing exercises to gain to help them achieve a sense of peace and focused concentration.

For children growing up in an increasingly uncertain world the value of understanding how to manage their emotions and energies is very valuable. 

As a practitioner of meditative movement and breath I experienced such deep states of calm and clarity. It re-instates an attachment to all the positive things in life.

 I wrote and illustrated a children’s book that introduces the breath and its connection to nature, to emotions and to life. There is also a simple breathing exercise for you and your children to try. Enjoy the book.