The Breath Book

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"The Breath Book"

Soon to be available is a beautifully illustrated book for children about breathing, written in rhyme and illustrated by Tamsin Murray. 

It is about the simple act of breathing and how it is part of everything in the universe, of people, of emotions and of nature. It helps to bring a child's awareness to the vital act of breathing and how breathing connects us with everything. How breathing transforms when we feel different emotions. It gives an opportunity to parents to share with their young children the wonder of the breath and the place emotions have within us. 

Tamsin has studied meditative movement with Sufi Master Adnan Sarhan since 1987.  The breath is a very essential part of meditation. Understanding the way our body, mind and emotions can become in harmony is helpful to all of us. She wrote and illustrated the book for her young niece and nephew with the intent to share with  them the connection between  breath, emotions, life and nature.

A child's first glimpse into their connection with the outer world beyond their parents is a special time and sharing with them the value of breath is an important part of  developing a child's inner life in a positive way.