About Tamsin Murray

Tamsin Murray has been studying with a Sufi Master, Adnan Sarhan who introduced dance and veil dancing as a way to dance as a spiritual practice. Her art forms before the Sufi work were sculpture, painting and writing. In 1998 she began to make silk veils for the groups Adnan taught and the hobby grew into a business. Nahari Silk Veils has allowed her to travel, study and perform with Adnan all over the world. Her dance is not technical but responds to the feeling, state and atmosphere of the moment and Adnan's drumming. Sharing the veil dance and the veils with people all over the world is a beautiful blend of spirit, art, dance and culture. She teaches whenever she can, continues hand-dyeing silks and experimenting with color techniques and forms. She has written "Inside The Time" and writes and illustrates children's books. About to be released is "The Breath Book.", written and illustrated by Tamsin

Like her dance her artistic expression weaves in and out following inspiration in whatever form is available to her. 

 About Nahari Silks

Nahari Silks began in 1998 as a way of making silk veils available for the workshop attendants and to sell them as I travelled. It grew from the birth of the internet into a thriving business and has survived the rapidly changing landscape of business on the web through a growing number of dedicated customers who enjoy the quality and variety of Nahari Silks. The silk veils are so much part of my life. I dye them, dance with them, teach with them, create my life through them and enjoy the process of exploring color through them. The joy of seeing so many women, men and children dancing with them is very fulfilling and I see in the future veil dancing growing into an extraordinary movement that allows many to play and explore the world of music and rhythm and connection without the rigors of choreography or technique. My own experience has shown me how much dancing with the veils develops grace, sensitivity, emotional connection, positive creativity, poise and a physical workout that feels spiritually satisfying as well. Here on Tamssin.com we feature many silk veils, skirts, scarves and crafts that have evolved from the need of professional dancers to find beautiful, quality silk veils. 



Hooppoo is a personal brand that features beautiful silk blended clothes and scarves that have been crafted by artisans and small family businesses in Vietnam. After traveling to Vietnam I discovered a beautiful and ancient silk craftsmanship that is as old or possibly older than that of China. Today there are small businesses specializing in silk that are surviving the onslaught of cheap clothing. Their skills and traditions are something that I feel devoted to supporting by bringing them to the US. The scarves are of a special origin. They come from an organization that supports handicapped Vietnamese to develop skills and crafts that bring them independence from their family - a sense of pride and worth - and serves to help them help others who are unable to pay for surgeries that would give them life. It gives me pride to help sustain small minority communities by offering them here in the West.