Nahari Silks studio in the mountains of New Mexico

Nahari Silks is a one woman home business based in the mountains of New Mexico. Founded in 1999 by Tamsin Murray, Nahari Silks began as a vision that came in three words to express the dream of being independent. Those words were  lightness, color and movement. Every day in an office job these words would float through my mind. Three months later I cut my first bolt of silk, dyed my first pieces and never looked back. 

As an artist from Australia versed in sculpture and painting dyeing silks was natural. And the demand of dyeing hundreds of pieces each year made the artistic process accelerate. 

From its beginning Nahari Silks was founded in a love of dancing with silk veils as a meditation practice. Through the business many wonderful connections are made to the belly dance community around the US and Europe. Today Nahari Silks are the favored silk veils because of their quality and artistic integrity. 

Friends help working in the studio

Today Nahari Silks enjoys world wide popularity and are featured on Amazon US and soon to come Amazon Australia. 

Nahari Silks is beginning to explore bringing new products from other artists, traditional crafts people. so if you have any suggestions we would be thrilled to hear from you. 

Tamsin continues to dance and teach  throughout Europe and the US demonstrating the veil dance in workshops and concerts conducted by Sufi Master Adnan Sarhan. Adnan use the veils in his workshop for active meditation. Throughout the world women , men and children enjoy the beauty and fluidity of the veil dance as a means to experience the joy of dancing in a free
non judgmental environment. 

Dancing with the silk veils in the workshops Santander 2018

Dancing with the veil really engages people in the movement and the challenge of moving with the veil makes them forget any self consciousness they may feel when dancing alone. 

My own experience has shown me how much dancing with the silk veils develops grace, sensitivity, emotional connection, positive creativity, poise and a physical workout that feels spiritually satisfying as well.  

We look forward to continuing Nahari Silks in an ever changing world with an ethical commitment to reducing any impact on the environment, to keeping faith with those who help us, to our business partners, and our very valued customers.