Heart Scarves
Gorgeous Vietnamese silk scarves with pure silk infill that gives a soft pillow like feel when you wear them as a neck scarf, as a headband or as a sleep mask. The padded silk is especially valuable for people who need extra warmth around their necks as well as light softness & ease of use. Being so versatile they are fantastic for travelling. The unique two-toned silk decorated with symbols of abundance make it reversible giving you more colors to mix and match. For people with dexterity issues the small buttonhole style allows you to tie the scarf without having to raise your hands above your head making it much easier to style. As a headband the Heart scarf has a beautiful sheen and patterning of color that is mesmerizing. Vietnamese silk is sought after across the world for its beautiful iridescent colors and lightness. The Heart scarves make a wonderful gift and give you the pleasure of knowing your buying is supporting people whose disabilities make it difficult for them to work and live independently. The Heart Scarves are one of many handicrafts made by people with disabilities in Vietnam as part of a program called Healing The Wounded Heart Workshop.

 Hand-Dyed Scarves
These silk scarves are hand-dyed by Tamsin and are unique to Tamssin. Using a very light silk that floats around the neck and shoulders these often one of a kind scarves are created using techniques that give reflections of light or soft marbling blends. Beautiful creations that are pieces of art in themselves and unique to Tamsin's style and love for reflection and color.