Silk Care

  • For Nahari Silks most here are hand dyed. We set them in a non toxic fixative to set the color but some run off can occur with the stronger deeper colors. 
  • We recommend hand washing separately in cold water with a laundry detergent like "Woolite". To keep the color vivid you can add a rinse in white vinegar, about 1 cup of vinegar to a gallon of water.
  • These days washing machines often have a programme for washing delicate articles at a temperature of 30° - 40°. Provided great care is taken and the above recommendations are followed,
  • If you have several veils it is best to wash them on their own as colors can mix and you can lose the original vibrant color. 
  • Silk is like hair and sometimes circumstances cause it to have static.
    There are a few ways to handle this. 
  • In the hand washing put a small amount of hair conditioner to the second last rinse to make it softer and less prone to static.
  • Hang and steam them either with a steamer or when you take a hot shower hang it in the bathroom for the steam to release the static.
  • If it is sticking to your skin, moisturize your skin with some moisturizer to reduce the static.
  • You can lightly iron the silk before a performance to take out the creases. A hot iron is OK. Just very lightly. We iron them here to get them in the packages while they are slightly damp or dry.
  • Silk is almost like hair in that it gets affected by the air, electricity, care and protection so take good care of it and it will stay lustrous and vibrant.
  • When storing the silk a plastic bag is best so that it is protected from any possible moisture.
  • With accidents like lipstick marks, small rips, oil marks, there is not much you can do except release the disappointment, use it as a practice veil and think about what colors you like your replacement. 
  • Because of their versatility you can reuse them in all kinds of ways. Let your imagination run wild. 
  • Never expose the silk to bleach. It will literally dissolve it in front of your eyes.
  • Don't keep it in an area where it is exposed to sun. This will bleach the color and weaken the silk.
  • If these did not answer your questions please email me at and I will do my best to help.