Size Matters

At Nahari Silks we specialize in 3 sizes. Other sizes need to be custom made so if you have any special requests please email us at

Our 2 yard veils, 82" x 45" are great for children over 8 and for wearing as a silk shawl, light scarf, meditation veil or prayer veil.

Our 3 yard veils, 108" x 45" is the standard size for most dancers. It gives a greater flexibility of movement, flows beautifully and with a little practice is easy to dance with. It may be challenging at first if you are not used to it but when you do get accustomed to it the challenge of the size becomes a wonderful way of expanding your ability to move.

Our 3.5 yard veils, 137" x 45" is for the professional dancer who can command a large space and really create a beautiful choreography of long and wide leaps and turns. It is also popular with meditative movement teachers who prefer to envelope themselves in layers of silk. 

All these recommendations are optional. It is your choice to do how you please with the veils and as you can see on our Silk Peoples page there are so many ways to create with these silks.