Teaching Meditative Movement

Tamsin Murray has studied with Sufi Master Adnan Sarhan since 1987. In her first weekend she was able to quit cigarettes, drugs and alcohol without any effort, except to dance and move and chant in the workshop. 

In 1994 she began to teach in New York regularly. Invited to teach at a Consciousness Conference in New York in 94, to teach whirling to the cast of "Until the Next Whirl" a production by Zishan Ugurlu in 1995 at the La Mama.

In 1996 she began to travel and taught regular classes in Byron Bay, NSW, a weekend workshop in  Brisbane. Since then she has taught in New York, Madrid, Houston, Los Angeles, Virginia, Bermagui, Coffs Harbor, Bellengin, NSW, and travelled extensively with Adnan Sarhan performing to his unique drumming with the veil, including the Consciousness and Spirit conference in Basel, Switzerland. 

In 2011 she was invited to teach at the Byron Spirit Festival in Mullumbimby, NSW. Since then she has travelled with Adnan attending his workshops and demonstrating the veil as a meditation practice. Today she teaches in between dyeing silks and attending Adnan's workshops in New Mexico and Europe.