Kaeshi's Ghost Project - Belly Dance Veils

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  • Hello Everyone.

Kaeshi and I talked about the project and I am making this listing for the Ghost Project. 

All the sizes and colors offered will fit with Kaeshi's request of colors and sizes. 

We are offering a size of 108" x 35" which is perfect for smaller people. So we are suggesting for all people shorter than 5' 5" this veil will be easier to dance with. Anyone taller can go with the 108" x 45"

Both sizes come in each color and the Spirit color will be as close to Kaeshi's veil as possible. 

The prices are what Kaeshi and I agreed on. You can also choose free domestic shipping at the checkout. You can use this coupon also to get an extra 10% on your order. WelcomeToMyStore20

If you decide to order other veils from me please contact me before you order and I will set up the listing so you can order them all at once in the sizes you want. 

For those who have ordered already and would like to change their order please contact me at tamsin@naharisilks.com and we can arrange the refund/trade so you receive the right veils. 

There may be a delay with the 108" x 45" size as I am waiting on an order but I shall soon know the arrival time and let Kaeshi know that it arrives in time for your project to be practiced. 

Please if you have any questions feel free to contact me at tamsin@naharisilks.com

Thank you and enjoy your dancing project and thank you for choosing my veils.  Best Tamsin

  • The short sides have a very smooth, silk thread almost invisible hem and the long sides are professionally finished.
  • All silk veils featured here are hand-dyed by Nahari here in the US, except for black.
  • Hand Wash separately in cold water or Dry Clean. Steam or Hang Dry.
  • The veils are used for belly dance, veil meditation, worn as sarongs, scarves, used as curtains or as a light but very warm cover. There are so many uses for them that we can’t describe them all here.
  • We are happy to answer any questions and respond to any suggestions you have.
  • We know you have many choices so thank you for considering Nahari Silks.
    • Nahari Silks wants to help save the creatures affected by too much plastic so we are re-using plastic bags that the silk arrives in. We hope to reduce the impact on creatures like sea turtles, sea birds, dolphins and many more with small efforts to cut down plastic use.