Nahari Silks Half Circle Belly Dance Veils Set Half Circle Matching Veils Sunrise

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  • Half Circle Veil Sets are versatile for dancers and for street wear as scarves, sarongs, wraps and head-wraps
  • Hand-dyed by artist who performs and teaches veil dance worldwide.
  • Silk Half Circles measure 86” wide and are 44’ at the longest point of the half circle. Sets come with two half circles. 
  • We are proud to offer artistic and unique combinations for dancers and people who love color and silk. Artistic license allows for unique creations to be offered here. Nahari Silks has been dyeing silks for dancers since 1999 and is famous for silks that float and gorgeous colors.
  • Hand wash in cold water with shampoo, rinse in a white vinegar rinse then hang to drip dry. Caring for the silks well will keep them vivid, soft and beautiful.
  • Hand dyed in the USA and with love.