Nahari Silks Silk Circle Skirt & Silk Dance Veil Emerald Blend

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Hand dyed silk circle skirt & veil in gorgeous colors. Versatile and delicious to wear the silk outfit can be a belly dance costume, wrapped to be a cigar skirt with the veil as a wrap. Silk gives a luxurious feeling floating around your legs as you walk or dance. Beautiful as a street skirt in high heels or boots.

Silk circle skirt is fitted with a comfortable elastic waist band and ranges between a 28" - 38" waistline. Most petite and medium sizes can wear it on the hips. The belly dance scarf is 108" x 45". The hemline is wavy and ranges between 31" x 38". The silk circle skirt is a heavier silk habotai and drapes beautifully.

As a dancer I have danced in these silk skirts for many years and the sensuous feel of the silk gives a luxurious dimension to the dance. Once you have danced in silk it is hard to dance in other materials. The silk shimmers under theater lights and catches the movement beautifully.