Belly Dance Veil Scarf Silk Light Pink

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  • Beautifully hand-dyed, long lasting colors.
  • The veils are 100% silk habotai, weighing 5 mm, which is the lightest silk available without compromising the quality.
  • The lightness of the silk is perfect for beginners and allows for greater expression.
  • The sizes vary from 82", 108" and 137" x 45".
  • 82” (208 cm) is good for children, for scarves, sarongs, shawls and wraps.
  • 108” (275 cm) is perfect for all dancers.
  • 137” (350 cm) is for professional dancers, and some meditative movement dance, that have specific choreography or purposes.
  • The short sides have a very smooth, silk thread almost invisible hem and the long sides are professionally finished.
  • All silk veils featured here are hand-dyed by Nahari here in the US, except for black.
  • Hand Wash separately in cold water or Dry Clean. Steam or Hang Dry.
  • The veils are used for belly dance, veil meditation, worn as sarongs, scarves, used as curtains or as a light but very warm cover. There are so many uses for them that we can’t describe them all here.
  • We are happy to answer any questions and respond to any suggestions you have.
  • We know you have many choices so thank you for considering Nahari Silks.