Nahari Silks Womens Hand-Dyed Silk Circle Skirt and Veil Set Sunset Blend

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  • Made in USA and Imported.
  • Skirts, veils and scarves are of the lightest silk. Skirt fits small and medium sizes with elastic waist. Versatile sets for performance, classes and street wear.
  • Hand-dyed by Tamsin.
  • Skirts come in one size that range from a 28” – 38” waistline while the wavy hemline measures between 31” and 38”. The veils are 108” x 45”. 
  • We are proud to offer artistic and unique combinations for dancers and people who love color and silk. Artistic license allows for unique creations to be offered here.
  • Hand-dyeing silks for dancers since 1999.
  • Caring for the silks well will keep them vivid, soft and beautiful for a long time.