The Breath Book by Tamsin Murray

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A little rhyming story about the miracle of breathing, nature and emotions.

Written and illustrated by Tamsin Murray, "The Breath Book" delivers in rhyme a simple look at the way we breathe and how it connects us to life and feelings. Beautifully illustrated it is tender and heart warming, as well as an educative look at the most important gift - breathing.

Scientific studies have shown how "breathing enhances emotional judgements and memory recall." (Neuroscience News Dec 2016)

The Breath Book can encourage parents and teachers to discuss and develop breathing exercises for children. Developing children's awareness of their breath improves the quality of their lives through all experiences. 

Parents reading "The Breath Book" to children at bedtime can do some deep breathing before sleep and both will feel more relaxed and able to sleep deeply.

Also available as an ebook on Ibooks for $4.99